How to Build a Beautiful and Sustainable Roof-Top Garden

The emergence of roof-top garden is in line with the trend of The Times, with the increase of urban density and multi-layer architecture, is the urban greening to three-dimensional space development, expand green space, expand the city multi-dimensional natural factors of a form of greening beautification. The roof-top garden design can make the city’s air become better and better, today Shanghai royal Vatican landscape to introduce the Shanghai roof-top garden design and construction experience.

Why do we want to build roof-top gardens

The purpose and significance of the roof-top garden design is to create a more innovative activity space for the citizens, increase the urban natural factors, green coverage rate, beautify the environment, to protect and improve the urban environment, improve the urban ecosystem, and promote the sustainable development of urban economy, society and environment. At the same time, roof-top garden can edify people’s sentiment and set up a good city image.


The basic principles of roof-top garden landscape design

1. Economical and practical: rational and economical use of urban space environment is always the goal pursued by urban planners, builders and managers. Roof-top garden design in addition to meet the different requirements for use, should be based on green plants, to create a variety of environmental atmosphere, to the boutique garden landscape novel and changeable layout, to achieve the combination of ecological benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefits.

2. Safety science: the carrier of roof-top garden is the roof of the building, the safety of the building itself and personnel must be considered, including the safe use of structural load bearing and roof waterproof structure, as well as the safety of the protective railing around the roof. Because be separated from the earth, zoology environment produced change, want to satisfy plant growth to wait for the need of light, heat, water, gas, nutrient, must use new technology, use new material.


3. Exquisite and beautiful: the selection of flowers and trees should be connected with the analogy and implication. Meanwhile, the location and scale of the road, main scene and architectural sketch should be carefully considered. Not only in the design, but also in the construction management and selection of materials should be carefully everywhere. In addition, still should be in meadow, crossing and discretion are strewn at random place of a district puts all sorts of gardens special lamps and lanterns, have illume effect not only, and add beautiful with emotional appeal as a kind of adorn article.

4. Pay attention to systematicness: the planning should be systematic and free from randomness, and the unified planning of “aesthetics” of gardens should be applied. The plant-based landscape should be given priority to to enrich the variety of green plants as far as possible. Selected garden plants stress resistance, pollution resistance and pollution absorption, easy to plant easy to live easy to manage and protect. At the same time, the multi-layer configuration is adopted to improve the leaf area index and ensure higher environmental benefits.


The solution of several technical issues

Roof-top garden is a kind of special garden form, which is a kind of space greening and beautification form relying on the platform on the top of the building to store water, cover soil and create garden landscape. Therefore, in the design and construction of roof-top garden, the following special technical problems should be solved:

1. Load reduction: load is an indicator to measure the bearing weight of roof unit area, and it is the guarantee of building safety and success of roof-top garden. The roof that USES garden to make a scene should use integral pouring or the reinforced concrete roofing board of precast assemble to make structural layer, have a condition, usable and adiabatic impermeable impermeable material is made “zoologic housetop piece”.


2. Waterproof facilities and drainage system: after the load-bearing requirements are met, the whole roof shall be treated with leak-proof treatment, and its waterproof layer shall be treated with composite waterproof facilities, namely, coating waterproof layer and reinforced fine stone concrete rigid waterproof layer two defense lines.

Path construction: the design of the path is also very learned. The general path is 50 to 70 cm wide. The winding path will divide the whole roof surface into several areas of different sizes. The roadbed of the path can be made of bricks with a width of 6 centimeters. Every 1.5 meters or so of bricks and stones are laid to leave a dark hole on the ground for drainage, and the dark hole is about 7 to 8 centimeters wide.


Roof-top garden design is an important way to accelerate urban greening development and promote urban environmental protection. We should improve the quality of urban landscaping, improve the living environment, beautify our homes and bring benefits to all.

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